What is Error Code 144?


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What is Error Code 144? Creo SL with Extender battery
I had this on my Creo too & power just fading - often after a descent & using momentum into a climb - halfway up & bike also switches off.
Took it back to Shimano dealer who updated all the background software in the first instance then I need to ride it lots to see if it has been the simple fix or something else. They could at least see all the error messages when they downloaded all the bike data so could see them. They think when the various bits are out of cync the bike goes into ‘limp home’ mode. In that situation told to reboot the bike which may or may not fix it - basically what I had been doing - just hoping the software updates has done the trick 🤞

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Thanks. What I was looking for is a description of what 144 means. My guess, and its only a guess, is it has something to do with the extender battery like its not hooked up correctly or the battery is low or it's not working correctly. That sort of thing. I've tried googling for help with no success. Even sent a question to Specialized. Nada. So the way I handle it now is to disconnect the battery and press the off/on button. Takes a couple times but seems to get it started. At home, I charge the system and all is well. This is an intermittent problem so the shop has not been able to duplicate.
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I haven't had an error 144 on my Creo SL but I did have multiple error 512 where the motor would shut down. There is a reset procedure but I don't remember what it is. Anyway, I reset and everything was back to normal until the error appeared again. It was a loop; ride, error, reset, ride, error, reset..... My Specialized dealer updated the software and I had no more errors, for all of 17 miles. I took it back to the shop, they contacted Specialized, and the result was I was given a new bike.

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Wow. New Bike. That sounds pretty extreme. Wish there was a list of what various codes mean. That would be a start. Thanks for posting.