What is the life of a Pedego motor?


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I'm considering purchasing a Pedego Interceptor that was a rental from a bike shop in a gated community. The shop only sells Pedego, has a full-time Pedego tech and the rental bikes are in excellent condition. The tech said the bike I'm looking at has over 1200 hours on the motor. How long does a Pedego motor usually last with moderate use? I will be using this for casual cruising around my neighborhood, and there are no hills! Thanks.


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I have 3 Pedego Interceptors. One has over 300 hours with no issues. This is nowhere near 1200 hours so it doesn't help much. The only noise the motor should emit is a low humming sound when under load. Under normal riding conditions on level ground, it should be almost silent. Take the bike for a ride and listen carefully. There should be no clicking or scraping sounds and if the hum is louder than I described, I would look for another bike.

You could send an email to Pedego tech support and ask about motor life: https://www.pedegoelectricbikes.com/contact/ I've found them to be very friendly and quite responsive. I'm sure they can help with your question.

You might also post this in the Pedego sub forum. You may get more replies that way.

In any case, welcome to the forum! You've come to the right place to ask your questions!

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Dapu is a good brand, but I think anyone would tell you the lifespan of your motor highly depends on your riding situation.
I don't think there is one solid answer.

You might get ideas by looking at other Dapu powered ebikes?

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You also have to consider what shape the battery is in. I suspect that a new Pedego battery will cost as much or more than a new motor.

What sort of deal are you getting? You say you're going to use the bike for causal cruising, but these ebikes are addictive. I bet you'll be surprised at how much you ride it.

My wife has a 2016 Pedego Commuter. The bike has around 1800 miles on it and the motor is fine, but in the last 5 months she's had the display and controller fail.

Is the battery for the bike a 36V? My wife's bike is a 36V and she was told by our local Pedego dealer that they can no longer order 36V displays. The the display goes again the

bike will have to use a 48V display, which will need a 48V controller.

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They measure usage by hours? All my trips average right around 15mph. That would be 18,000 miles. Even at 10 mph it comes to 12,000 miles. That’s a ton of miles, I’d stay away.


I think before I get too concerned about the life of the motor. I would have to consider the price. There is a fair price based on the overall condition of the bike.
I don't think anyone knows when the motor is guaranteed to fail!
It maybe beneficial to find out the cost of a motor replacement, however there is always a risk to buying use. That risk is mitigated by a bargain price.

Get a 30 day warranty to protect yourself from short term failure, then cross your fingers a get a taste of E biking. If you enjoy it , you can upgrade to a newer e bike when the time comes.

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The cost of 'little' things going wrong with ebikes can add up pretty quickly. I'd only buy this bike if it was a really good deal.


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We have Pedegos with 4,000 miles on them, all is well! :) One did have a motor fail early in its life--the dealer replaced it, no questions asked. I assume if you are buying from a dealer there would be some sort of warranty? BTW, with all of these miles, we have had lots of maintenance. And, we've had display failures (replaced under warranty). Two bikes also got new harnesses under warranty earlier in their lives. Pedego stands behind its bikes. Do check on what the warranty covers. :)