What is your average speed on your ST2

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Hey Everyone, for those of you with the st2. What is your average speed. Just out of curiosity. I have an ST1 Platinum and my average speed is 23 mph. Daily commute 28 to 40 miles a day.


  • 111,161 ft total climbing
  • 2239.7 miles total according to cycling head units
  • 2209.4 Total miles according to Stromer's internal GPS/computer
  • 96.9 hrs total time according to Strava

  • 23.11 MPH average speed according to Strava/Garmin/Wahoo (all moving time)
  • 22.9 MPH average speed according to Stromer's computer
  • 20.4 WH/mi according to Stromer's computer
  • 35 stops average per day commuting

Additional info:
  • Commute includes 3 school zones @ 20MPH, 1 pedestrian zone @ 10MPH
  • Includes my climb testing, as well as a few commutes done in assist level 2 and 1, as well as a commute with assist off.
  • Stromer ST2, 11.5 weeks old, stock, carrying ~220 lbs of additional weight

It doesn't surprise me at all that Stromer's GPS/computer shows less miles than my external GPS. Stromer's MPH seems to be conservative, as when I compare it to Garmins and my Wahoo ELEMNT, the MPH is always a bit lower on the Stromer, in real-time, even in a straight line with open skies.

*EDIT* oops, accidentally typed 11,161 and meant 111,161 ft of climbing hahah, big difference.
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I kinda have a heavy foot. Around 20 mph. I'd say, and often up the anti to 22 . Trying to adjust to level 2 assist, to save juice , but 3 is my fav.


I use power level 3 At least 75% of the time, but my average remains at only 17.1 mph for three reasons:
One, I am usually pulling a considerable load either on one of our 3 cargo trailers (Burley Nomad, BOB Yak, or Bikesatwork) or on our Burley D'Lite child trailer since the ST2's are effectively our car replacement vehicles.
Two, my wife doesn't like to go fast when we are on the bike paths with her average remaining at 14.3 so when we ride as a family, I ride slower too.
Three, I ride through the Wisconsin winter with studded tires.


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Even with moderate heart failure I can maintain 25-27mph! Intersections and traffic make odo average meaningless. 15.6mph for 1300miles.
Well here is what I have so far according to Cyclemeter;
  • Rides 20
  • Total Miles 153.28
  • Total Ride Time 7:22:55
  • Total Ascent 5603 ft
  • Average Speed 20.77 mph
I don't really user the Stromer app for distance much. I ride almost always in level 2 that I think I finally have dialed in. On days when I really just want to get where I'm going in a hurry... Level 3! One thing I have found is no matter what this bike just likes to go fast. :) LOVE THIS BIKE!!


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I have an ST1 LTD. With >900 feet of steep ascent in my daily commute, i'm only averaging 16.5-17 mph through the city. So, there are lots of stop lights & traffic. Sure, I get to fly 35+mph down hill, but that's a limited amount of time compared to the lengthy & slow climbs I have to do. On my regular bike, I was barely able to avg. 12mph, more likely 10mph on those commutes. So, it doesn't necessarily seem like a significant change, but it sure feels that way to me. This works out to a 33-70% change in avg. speed. Commute times are now under an hour compared to the 1.5 hrs on the regular bike. So that's about a 33% reduction in commute time.


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according to the the app i have 10,119.7 miles which is correct but surprisingly I avg 66mph lol but that is what is says. i just had a new Omni , it went from about 4 to 66. On my avg trip it usually is 18 but some days it is 14 and others it is 20 with most 17-18. avg ride is is 60 + miles. mostly on paved surfaces but many different ones and all leisure, stops kill the avg for me. I think August will be 2 years so about 19 months now

As a user I would like the ability to reset everything but total miles. we dont have that ability