What is your current e-bike, and what do you hope will be your next?

I've got an E-Lux Tahoe Sport that I really love.

I love the overall feel of the bike (although it is a bit on the bike/tall side), but now that I've had it for almost a year and have done a couple thousand miles I know what I want on whatever my 'next' bike will be, though it's a bit of a unicorn and I'm sure I'll never find it :)

For my next bike I want:
Cruiser or very upright form factor but light trail capable
28mph top speed
Big motor for my fat ass and hills
Big battery for similar reasons (and because I love long rides)
A throttle (not negotiable, really - I use my bike for everything, including massive grocery shopping hauls, and life from a stop light with a throttle is just... better! And safer for getting up to speed in traffic.)
Torque sensor (tired of cadence, can't get a proper workout in with it now that I'm used to it)
Belt drive + internal gearhub for reliability with all that power I'm asking for

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I have a Raleigh Lore, and I love it. But I’m thinking as I get in better shape that I’d like to supplement it with something built a little more like a road bike or gravel bike. Something lighter.
Then again, I’d like to try a little mountain biking, and would like a pure mountain bike.
Oh heck, I’m going to eventually end up with a stable of ebikes, plus one for my fiancée, if I can get him riding.
They're not made anymore, but if you can find one check out the Raleigh Tamland iE. Its stock weight is listed at 43 pounds, which is quite a bit lighter than the Lore iE. The Tamland iE is a class-3 drop-bar gravel bike.
Hi, I bought a Qwic Rd11s a couple of months ago to see if I would enjoy commuting on an e-bike. It was marketed as a euro legal speed pedelec 45km/h - 28mph . ( I live in Belgium). I really enjoy riding it but I am a little disappointed by it's actual real world performance speed, especially in hilly areas . I find it nearly impossible to reach and maintain the top speed advertised under anything but ideal or downhill conditions .
As soon as they become available in the next few months I'll test ride and hopefully buy either the swissmade MTB Cycletech Code 45 or the german Kettler Velossi 2.0
as they share the components I am looking for. Powerful 48 V 500w 40nm Neodrive Z 20rs motor, Pinion CL1.9 , Magura MT5e hydraulic brakes, Gates carbon belt, BMZ 650Wh 13,8Ah battery, suntour SB18 suspension fork....



For my purposes and based on test rides of later R&M bikes R&M hasn't improved their bikes enough to make it worthwhile to go through the struggle and cost of ordering another one.
I have a Charger 2017, on which I'm upgrading the N380 with a Rohloff for this very specific reason.

For my next bike I'd like to have 2x625Wh batteries and some advanced function against thefts, such as automatic lock and an integrated gps

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Since I bought two e-bikes in 2019 I don't think the next e-bike would come soon but my sights are set on Riese & Mueller. Although, a model of R&M that I'd really like has not been designed yet ;) Or, it might be a BH provided the Spanish company decides to make Class 3 e-bikes again.


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My wife and I both have Ecotric's. She has and loves her 20" fattie folder step-thru. I have the 26" fattie beach/sand. It is currently in the shop getting upgraded headset berings. I bought my 26" for the price ($750) to ride but also modify. I think it works great for my needs. I'm older and don't need performance standards I once required. Fat tires allow me access to many different types of terrain and road/trail conditions. I did add a set of air/coil front forks to reduce the jarring my very worn out shoulders can't deal with. At this stage I am content but admit I spend hours looking at the higher line eMtbs. Unfortunately Fatties don't seem to get much manufacture attention in the 3 to 5k range.
Can i see the fork you got for the 26 fattie? I got the same bike and looking to add a suspension fork for it. Thanks.


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Can i see the fork you got for the 26 fattie? I got the same bike and looking to add a suspension fork for it. Thanks.

They work incredibly well. You will need a special pump ($34) for forks to adjust them. They totally eliminated shoulder pain from the jarring rigid forks.


I bought a 2017 Raleigh Retroglide ie last year to cut down on my commute time or make it more consistent in both directions. I've been having trouble with the battery staying in place over sidewalk grooves. I was thinking about replacing it with a Electra Townie 8i, but couldn't pull the trigger. I've noticed that Blix Aveny and Aventon Flat has improved their battery amp hours. I'm experimenting with DTC bikes as I think it's the way to go. When companies can improve their bikes while keeping the price the same it's more value added. I ended up purchasing a Blix Aveny. I also enjoy trying out a rear hub ebike. So far on my one commute, I enjoy it let alone larger diameter tires and a smoother ride.



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I have a Bh nitro and a Stromer st2s which work well enough to ride , an older Stromer with issues I may give up on, st1.. I am looking for a retirement present for myself almost unlimited budget . I can’t find the perfect bike. The WattWagon is closest so far but in someways not close enough yet.

DD hub, quiet and smooth, maybe 32 mph instead of 28, high end components...and something which I have. not experinced since purchasing my 1st ebike in 2011 , reliable or at least fixable when broke!

Stromer ST5 except no more Stromers, would be very close also. The Hilleater coming out soon maybe, wanted the Mac motor though which has been terminated before being produced. Allant 7s maybe? Front fork a must. R&M Super Delite with e14?? more torque please but local dealer for the Allant. I am giving up on a Flyon equipped Haibike...just don’t know


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I ride flatter rails to trails at higher speeds for long distance, all DD hub strengths.

pausing to shift what little mids i have tried is not natural to me, something I would prefer to not learn or deal with.

i don’t drink beer, don’t like the taste , bitter to me, everyone would say you will learn to like it. Maybe so but why learn to do something you dont like? I drink sweet OJ and vodka.

i am looking for a “sweet“ ride maybe even shaken , not stirred (extremely detailed choices). Hope I can find it sooner rather then later.

9.9s , no front fork, no go. If I were to go Allant seems like the 7s would be best choice for me. If I end up with with a mid , I think it would have Rohloff and belt. no local dealer for R&M in Atlanta area.
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There is the mass produced beer and the craft beer. I despise the American/International Pale Lager but I love modern American IPAs. Good analogy? ;)

R&M SuperCharger2GT vario HS comes with the stepless Enviolo IGH. Not meeting your criteria? Perhaps you could try one?


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With a smile on my face the answer is no! For us non beer drinkers all beers taste like beer, fish tastes like fish! :) , just don’t like either.

if you were blindfolded and drank any of the beers, crafted, mass produced or pi$$ water as I have heard friends describe some, you would know it is beer. Not water, not apple juice not gear oil but it is beer .Same as fish, blind folded you may not pick the grouper from a bass but you knew it wasn’t pork, steak or even ...beer!

at the current time you will not catch me on the way fish dinner to drink beer on a mid drive ! I will be on my way to steak dinner drinking OJ (some with vodka) on a no shift delay hub drive high speed bike

i have tasted beers, some with sugary infused stuff that everybody says, you will like this...of course I don’t , it’s based on beer. i have tried the shift delay and got stuck ona hill once ,had to go down, get speed and the correct gear then make it to the top. Tried it, didn’t like it.

if there is no steak to eat i will eat fish so I don’t starve but I can’t tell you I like it. If there is no DD bike I want i will buy a mid drive but is much harder to spend big money on a bike I won’t love by design then one I would.

thanks for taking time to chat on this :)

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(In the desperate hope I won't be thrown out for OT:
All non beer drinkers have no slight idea what the craft beer is. Once I held a workshop in Process Engineering in Poznan. The audience were academic teachers. After the first day, I invited the attendees to the craft beer pub. Two young female scientists, a young and handsome male PhD and I approached the bar. The PhD ordered IPAs for all of us. One of the girls demanded:
-- Is this beer perfumed?!
-- Yes, dear lady -- the PhD replied -- it is indeed perfumed. With hops.
As for myself, I can distinguish different beer styles and sometimes I can even identify a specific hops type used in brewing.)


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Opimax, I never learned to like beer either, but lately I do confess to trying to find a way to enjoy fish (after nearly a lifetime of not eating it) - just to add variety to my diet. I try to keep an open mind regarding just about everything....

What I wanted to add to this conversation is the thought of a custom build? As a very active DIY'er, I would build/modify my own, starting with something as close to what I believed was "perfect" as I could get. If you aren't interested in DIY, with a budget like you describe, it shouldn't be too hard to find a person or a shop to work with you. You might even enjoy the experience!

And to share my experience, after trying a couple, I would not be interested in another direct drive. I would go gear driven hub, and most likely one made by MAC. Their 8t motor should give you the top end you're after, with MUCH more punch available at lower speeds. Cool part is it can do that likely using a lot less battery than a big DD will (at lower speeds). As far as noise or parts consumption, I'd be surprised if you were disappointed. Best of luck, and HAVE FUN tracking down the "perfect bike". -Al
Some of you may have an e-bike that you plan to own, maintain, and enjoy for years to come. If so, that's awesome!

For those of us who have an e-bike in mind to replace their current one: which is your current e-bike, what do you have your eye on as your next e-bike, and why?
Currently have Stromer ST2S, bought it used, love it. Would like to also get HPC Revolution - PAS and throttle, 6000w, huge range, very capable off road, but can be used on road too, 50 mph. BUT, $12k+ - ouch. I know I can get a motorcycle for this price, but I think I can actually get away riding on the Hudson River Greenway in NYC with the Revolution. You would be amazed at what riders are getting away with on this bike lane. I would not go faster than 28 mph in a bike lane, but would be awesome to have option riding with 40mph traffic when I'm using streets. Price is holding me back, profit margin must be insane on these bikes, I see similar bikes from China for 3k, I know Revolution is "made" in USA, better warranty, etc., but seems way overpriced for what you get. If anyone knows of a used one, let me know!


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Fish and beer - what makes the world go 'round. 🤣

My other hobby - making 'craft' beer. It's not your regular pale-yellow lager, but blonds, browns, darks, ambers, reds, all ales. Lagers take too long to make. Stuff is better than most craft breweries.
IPA's? I'm good to about 45ibu's, then it starts to taste/smell like arm pit or cat piss. LOL

What is fascinating is beer is a decedent of fermented beverages dating back more than 5000 years. And every country, nationality, has their own beer. And they're all good!
The Germans seem to think beer is actually food.

I always liked beer, but these varieties just make it fun. We ride. Drink beer. Ride some more. :cool:
We have a kegerator with 4 kegs/taps in the livingroom. Between us and our beer friends we drink about 30 gallons a month.

So...Corona has changed the name of their beer - to avoid confusion with the 'corona virus'...