What is your current e-bike, and what do you hope will be your next?


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One of 2 things I really wished i had learned to deal with growing up in the 70’s...beer and dancing!...fish now since it is healthier than the amount of other meats I eat too muchof. I have nothing against these 3 items I just didn’t enjoy them do I didn’t participate....if I had danced I Would have met so many more girls/women. Same with beer, the social aspect. i can see making y own beer if I liked it...just dont like “bitter“

after enough years of watching Moonshiners thought about a table top still to make small amounts of vodka but that would take time from riding.

Al, not DIY for my bike I want to ride only...the thought being DIY will take more of my time. The BH is geared hub, very loud to me. the Stromer Pretty darn quiet , just bad luck/quality With bike , more support then the bike itself. Would be pretty happy on a ST5 if i trusted Stromer again...I don’t!

My perfect bike would be a Stromer with fork ,2-4 mph faster and worked!

what is brand and model bike would this be?


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DJ Bikes 2018 MTB, Juiced 2019 RCS, both good bikes for me and I'll be keeping them both for now.
My next bike, I hope would be my last bike for at least 5 years. They don't make it yet that I know of at the price I want at least.
t must have:

  1. Internally Geared Hub with a suitable range.
  2. if MidDrive it must have Belt Drive .... but maybe it will be a new Hub-Motor with internally selected gears.
  3. A Big Battery... I'd like 2kW, but I might settle for 1.5kW depending on when everything else is available.
  4. Cadence Sensor/Torque Sensor/Throttle all should be individually selectable, but OK if throttle is always hot.
  5. 2.8" tires minimum, I'm thinking 3.0 would be perfect, but at this point I might accept 4"
  6. It should not have a proprietary battery, the batteries should be fairly priced and easily swappable.
  7. Still investigating full-suspension or not, geometry issues, ride position
  8. Reasonable, in my mind, cost.
  9. Provided, or available; Fenders, rack options, decent components in general
  10. Some other stuff I don't know yet.
  11. Bonus: user programable controller via bluetooth, tubeless tires, exceptional looks, light weight


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Living in WNC for about 4 - 5 months a year I have got to watch the explosion of Brewery locations throughout the region. Being a non-drinker for the past 30+ years and having a wife who is an IPA snob, I have gone with her to numerous establishments around the country. I have to say, what cool folks you meet. Many are family oriented and can be because the vibe is so much different than the traditional Bar or Pub. I have encouraged my wife to try brewing her own but I think the social aspects win over any need to brew beer. I'm way Ok with it. With DUI laws getting stricter I'm glad to be there to drive, not that she ever drinks to many. Two is her limit. So... Breweries, eBikes and cheap guitars...life's good lol


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I have a Biktrix juggernaut classic for winter trail riding and fall hunting.
I have an easymotion rebel coming tomorrow for summer riding.

I'm set for awhile!

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I'm still really enjoying my Felt Sport-E (trekking bike), but I finally broke down and ordered both a BMC AMP Road One (drop-bar road bike), and a BMC AMP Cross LTD (crosstrail bike).

The two BMCs I intend to test-ride to see if I want to replace the Sport-E, or go back to having 2-3 e-bikes and supplement the Felt. Time will tell, but I'm really looking forward to it!

The felt was 45 pounds before I started accessorizing it, which is pretty good. But the AMP Cross LTD is 33.3 pounds, and the AMP Road One is only 32.7 pounds. Woohoo!