What is your ideal dream ebike?


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We can all dream, right? So I have given some thought to what would be my ideal ebike. Here is the latest dream ride in my imagination:

1-Semi recumbent front wheel drive. Sort of like one of the Cruzbikes Q series but maybe a little more upright: http://cruzbike.com/qx100
2-Front and rear suspension, especially important for a recumbent where you can't stand up on the pedals over bumps.
3-Three wheels with one wheel in front, but retaining the ability to lean into turns. Cruzbike is working on something like this with a trike attachment that still allows the rider to lean into turns: http://cruzbike.com/trike.html
4- Since the pedals would power the front wheel, the motor could drive the rear wheels and the battery could sit low between the two rear wheels.
5- Also the trike setup would allow a cargo carrier between the two rear wheels like this old Flevotrike (this trike also allowed leaning into curves as described here - http://flevofan.ligfiets.net/?doc=ch1&lang=en ):
6-The motor and batteries could be enclosed inside the "trunk". Also a solar panel on the top for daytime charging.
7-As this would be a relatively heavy bike, I would want at least a 750 watt motor possibly driving a single rear axle through a set of cogs for optimum rpms and traction through two wheels. It could have a nice large battery inside the cargo box, and you could even add extra batteries in there for super long range. The weight might make regenerative braking cost effective, and it would be good for saving the brake pads on a heavier bike like this.
8-Super low maintenance overall with features like spokeless mag style cast wheels or disc wheels, flat free Tannus tires (http://www.tannus.com/#intro), sealed bearings everywhere
9-Enclosed hub gears like a Rohloff 14 speed hub on the front wheel
10-Belt drive or even better a shaft drive: http://www.dynamicbicycles.com
11- Pedal assist and throttle override
12-Front fairing: http://www.zzipper.com/
13-Custom designed hitch rack that would allow me to carry two of them on the back of my car, maybe in an upright position with the front wheel straight up in the air.
14- Integrated lights, lock and alarm system with smartphone alerts.
15-Cost $1,000 or less - now I am really dreaming :rolleyes:

So for now this is just a dream and I will probably never get all of this in one bike, but I could get maybe 80% of the way there with a Cruzbike with an add-on motor kit and their trike conversion kit when that is available. I may go that route some day if I outgrow my still very new Magnum Ui5.

Does anyone else have an ultimate dream bike they would love to see become a reality? Maybe if we post some of our ideas on here, manufacturers will take notice and start to bring our dreams to life.
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The bikes or kits are there to be had for a price. My big ebike dream is 1-KWH, 5 pound battery for $300.00!

George S.

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A flawless drive train. Suspension components that worked in every situation. Sports car handling. Completely theftproof. Permanent indestructible tires. ABS brakes. Stuff someone is probably working on right now.


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A flawless drive train. Suspension components that worked in every situation. Sports car handling. Completely theftproof. Permanent indestructible tires. ABS brakes. Stuff someone is probably working on right now.
I think there are a lot of possibilities for improvement in the areas you mention.

Did you follow the link to the Tannus website? Their solid tires are lighter than regular tires and are completely flatproof, and have similar rolling resistance. I am going to give them a try when my current tires wear out.

There are also some interesting new bike locks coming out with audible alarms and smartphone apps that alert you if someone is messing with your bike:
Not exactly theftproof, but it could prevent some thefts.

George S.

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I've followed Tannus off and on. Maybe their current installation is a bit easier. Like to know what your experience is, down the road. :) I was one flat away from trying an airless tire, but the Marathon Plus has been very reliable. I just had a valve stem separate, so you never know. I'm sure the solid tires will get better. It goes against what the hyper-serious road bikers do, but it fits right in with ebikes and difficult rear hub removal, etc.


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My current wheels are brand new Schwalbe Big Bens with Kevlar and also with Slime installed, so it might be a while before I experiment with the Tannus tires. There is a shop here in Arizona that will install the Tannus tires for a reasonable fee, and you should only have to do it once in a very long while.

I did have a major sidewall blowout on my bike's rear wheel a week ago and had to walk the bike home about 3 miles. This was on a brand new tire ( from a replacement bike that Magnum sent me due to other problems) that I had ridden a total of 6 miles and that I had just topped off with my air pump. Fortunately, I still had the old tire to replace the one that failed, but that got me thinking again about Tannus tires.

I agree that solid tires make a lot of sense with ebikes where any slight reduction in performance could be made up for by the electric assist, and the reduced need to deal with removing the rear wheel. It is a real pain to take off and remount the rear wheel on our Ui5's.
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It is just a concept, but this bike seems to have almost all of the features I mention and more:

From the website:

The size of a bicycle.

24” wide X 73” tall X 80” long. Pedals power the rear wheel through a driver operated infinitely variable constant velocity transmission. Height and bright colours make it conspicuous to other road users. 80lbs. ‘No air – no puncture’ foam filled tyres.

The ease of a bicycle

Pedal – it goes. Stop pedaling – it slows down. Just like a bicycle, but with power assist.

The price of a bicycle

US$2000 - $4000 (estimated depending on equipment)*

The stability of a tricycle

The two front wheels tilt to allow banking in corners but have self righting springs to allow feet-up stops. Two front wheels give increased cornering and braking stability. 6 ½ ft turning radius. Front and rear lifting handles.

The power of a Pedalec

Classified in Europe as a bicycle.* Electric front wheel drive, variable assist up to 1000 watts.* Up to 40mph and 40 mile assisted range.* Overnight plug in home recharge and regenerative braking. Separate batteries for drive and equipment.

The amenities of a car

Fully enclosed body. 2 lockable doors. Front and lockable rear luggage compartments. 30mph crash tested. Roll over protection. Airbag. 3 point seat belt. Adjustable full seat. Adjustable handlebar/instrument pod. Ignition key to lock steering column and parking brake. Lockable glove box. Windscreen wiper and washer. Front and rear LED lights. Separate LED headlight. Headlight flasher. LED direction indicators with self canceling. LED brake lights. Horn/bell.* Full instrumentation - Speed, miles/kilometers, trip miles/kilometers. Battery charge gauge, electricity usage gauge, warning lights for all functions, 4 way emergency flasher. Flow through filtered ventilation and heater. Suspension. Disc brakes. Reverse gear. Two side rear view mirrors.

Options too

Radio and iPod holder. Drink and snack holder. Luggage net/covers. Solar charging. Trailer towing kit. Child seat. Winterize package. Transparent door opening foul weather covers. Storage cover.

Note added: One thing that makes me suspicious of the people pursuing this is they say it will cost between $2000 and $4000. That seems extremely unrealistic considering what they are including in this concept so far. I mean, they mention airbags, 30 mph crash protection, roll over protection, tilting front wheels on the tricycle, heater, seat belt, full enclosure, windshield wipers, full compliment of lights and mirrors, suspension, no-flat tires, reverse gear, etc. Really? For even $4000, that would be one heck of a good deal.
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Cameron Newland

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My ideal bike would be a 45lb, full suspension Stromer ST2 with a Gates Carbon Drive belt, anti-lock brakes, and some kind of rear IGH like a Rohloff Speedhub or a Shimano Alfine 8/11, all with a rear rack that can hold 50lbs. $2,499 would be a nice price.

Maybe by 2021 we'll have something on the market like this? ;-) haha