What is your 'Recipe' for the perfect ebike?


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'Perfect' being a relative term.

1.) 750w nom/1200w peak, fully integrated mid drive with PAS that has torque and cadence sensors, as well as throttle over ride at all levels AND a 27-speed IGH 'transmission' designed to operate with the motor for an all in one system. Motor parameters fully programmable. Belt drive, no chain.

2.) 48 volt/ 15Ah battery fully integrated into the down tube, 30 amp controller.

3.) 27.5 Hardtail MTB design, boost hubs with large thru axles, tires 2.35 wide, ergo bars and grips, adjustable stem, FOX front air shock w/lockout. Integrated front and rear LEDs, large diameter hydro disc brakes with anti-lock shift levers, SLX components.

4.) Brooks saddle with Thudbuster post. Ibera 'Pack Rack'.

Full motor-battery-frame integration. Nothing hanging off the bike.
Under 50 lbs without the rack. Cost?
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