What kind of motor is this??? ~evelo ebikes


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Although it looks different, it is comparable in function to Bosch or Brose. Have no idea about durability, noise level, responsiveness, etc. Hopefully someone with experience can chime in.
It is no where near comparable with Bosch or Brose. By the way i think mid-drive seems better as their manufacturers highly market the product and belong to big companies.

Bosch and Brose they have a different gearing system which integrate kind of crank and motor . But this is more like a hub motor which instead of turning the wheel it turns the crank with a very very low efficiency.

I will just pass it. Don't buy at all, it is an old chinese motor produced by CATIC or avic or something like that.


It already put me off just by being so vulnerable looking. plus their bike frames are weird as hell.