What, no more squeaks? Pedego's new Shimano Brakes


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I have an Interceptor with Avid brakes. Love their performance. They also tend to squeak, though mine don't anymore (I have 3,000+ miles on my bike. Had the back brake pads replaced, and they don't squeak either).

I always joked with my family that the squeak was a great safety feature! Anyway, I rode a newer bike and learned that they no longer are using the Avid brakes--they switched to Shimano disc brakes that also have the large-sized discs. And, these do not squeak.

I don't think Pedego has "model years"--they do incremental changes at any time, methinks? Maybe @JohnT knows how this works?


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Shimano uses resin pad.

I am not sure what kind of pads you had before, but there are sintered, semi-sintered, organic, metalic, semi-metallic, etc..

Shimano resin pads are generally quieter, but they do not last as long.