What "they " don't tell you


An Emojo Caddy Pro was delivered on 2/28/2022. Aside from the assembly difficulties, ( I am 76 with arthritic hands).
I recently tried to take the left rear wheel off to see if I could first do it in my living room before I got stranded.. Try as I might, it wouldn't budge. Took it to a local Emojo dealer and after he couldn't loosen it he declared that the nut had been tightened with an impact wrench and the axle was stripped. I bought the trike through Amazon and a 3rd party named Zoom Sports. I sent Zoom Sports a message and was told they would mail an axle to me. I got home this morning after a ride and my neighbor who helped me assemble it looked at the left nut/ axle and said it had left hand threads. The right side nut came off easily. Was I supposed to know the left end of the axle had left hand threads ? In the manual that came with the trike even the pedal installation was not explained, only saying one pedal had an L on it and the other an R. Then they say to insert both and turn the bolt clockwise for both ! Thankfully I have worked on several bicycles over the years and knew the left pedal had left hand threads. Comments?


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I remember when Chrysler put left hand thread lug nuts on the left side and right hand thread lug nuts on the right side. They changed sometime in the 70's.

My Uncle's '64 Dodge Dart and my '68 Barracuda were like that, and we just accepted that Chevy/Ford were the oddballs.