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Alright so this ebike world is pretty overwhelming as there is so much going on and it seems to be a rather niche community right now at least where I live in Missouri. I live in a smallish college town and pretty much pedal everywhere I can. I own a small coffee roasting business and try to do all my deliveries on my bike but it can a large task at times with lots of miles to cover in short amount of time especially when trying to make them between classes as I am in grad school as well. I have been looking at ebikes and conversion kits that will fit what I need. I am wanting to use pedal assist mode primarily to maximize range with the hopes of finding a system that will move pretty fast (in the high 20's to low 30's) and a range that is similar in pedal assist mode that won't completely break the bank (like $800 or less). Since I have zero experience and I read conflicting info about hub vs mid drive kits etc what kits do you recommend to convert my current commuter into an ebike?

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Forgot to add... not every kit available will be legal in your State. If you want to be legal, kit needs to be 750w or less, and not assist over 30mph.


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The hub motors on Luna are all without PAS. I really like pedal assist and with that option get more mileage out of a battery. The ebikekit style motors are throttle only. I was never happy with that option. Sturdy motors but again no pedal assist.