What Variant Of Voltbike Yukon Did You Ride In Your Review?

Tara D.

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@Vespo111 in case you haven't seen Courts response on the bottom of the review page, and for anyone else that might look here- Around 13:15 of the video he mentions it is 48 volt battery and 500 watt motor. :)


In your video review of the Voltbike Yukon, did you test ride the 350 Watt variant or the 500 Watt?

Hi Vespo111, on the video review Court is riding 500w rated Voltbike Yukon with Samsung 48v 10.4ah. I want also to mention that it was very nice for me to personally meet Court. ;) The 350w Yukon is using 350w motor and Samsung 36v 10.4 ah battery. Everything else is the same.

On the video you can also see how the bikes are getting shipped from our distribution center. They come fully assembled in well packed carton box. For USA orders we ship from our warehouse facility in Blaine, WA.

Let me know if you have any particular question...