What would you like to see Lectric build next


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Something funky

a retro ride something like the Revi Cheetah..

or perhaps something like the Uni Bobber XT..



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I think I am going to buy the Frey CC tonight especially if I have 1 more beer. Looks like 1800 down today and trying to nail down when they are charging the next 1800. Going to go with the retro cream color with rack, fenders, lights etc. Hopefully I get it by Feb...

I already ordered. Is there any reason why I shouldn't stick with my Cream color? I love the Red, but the Cream is screaming my name...


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Def a lighter bike, but also quicker with a longer battery life, and with some suspension. I think the brand should test the waters with a higher end. I think with their customer service they will get a better response than they anticipate.
This would be my dream bike in a step thru version. Lectric was one of the few affordable bikes that would work for me since I'm fairly short. It's a heavy beast of a bike though. More colors would be nice too.


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For me more SKUs, more models, more colors introduces more uncertainty into the supply chain. I like the somewhat modular approach taken so for me i like keeping a core product that is simple, uncomplicated to produce and which satisfies the majority and then extend it with modular features that can be added onto that core framework...

more frame designs could make the components and accessories more frame specific which would increase supply chain complexity and in these current times, the ability to scale on an existing model could mean the difference between continued supply chain woes or leaping out from the pack with a more turn key, adaptable and flexible system.

wheel options, brake options, commuter/touring/recreations purpose options... lighting and battery options. perhaps approaching color and style in a different way than having to produce multiple frame colors which increases inventory complexity and reduces time to market...

perhaps decal packs or diy coloring kits, a way to componentize the personalization of the bike to suit your needs and style but done in a way that doesn’t massively increase manifacturing and supply chain logistics complexity.

it could be that 3.0 isnt just a brand new bike but perhaps also able to be a retrofit kit or set of interchangeable components for earlier models... to avoid FOMO and waste and all that... build loyalty to the platform instead of reinventing yourself with a new model each year.

i think also looking hard at the competition and finding ways to differentiate from what else is out there. in the 2.0 model there’s not a lot of tire options on the open market... it feels like a place for some innovation ..

automotive companies do a nice job of this with a core model spec and then a multitude of trim levels, options and accessories that make the core product accessible to many on various needs.... i am not sure there are a lot of bike companies that use that automotive model to deliver enhanced flexibility and application of use.


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full suspension, mid drive, hydraulic brakes, 1000watt, 20aH, 26x4 fat tire, 660mm handlebars, cloud nine seat, prewired for an extra battery in an enclosed rear rack mount, regenerative braking, and a stem key insert point.


The cost to ship containers from China is going up substantially with parts shortages projected until 2023, so everyone who anticipates new models or options...if you think you're waiting a long time now, you ain't seen anything yet. For me, the best option for my next bike...is building my own with parts that are already in stock. Not to be a broken record, but a new Schwinn AL comp plus a Bafang mid-drive kit that anybody can install in a couple of hours is the way I will be going for my upgrade path and screw waiting months for a bike. Also if anybody is watching the political scene, the ONLY thing the left and right agree on (and have passed in congress this week)... is coming down hard on China and their monopoly and unfair trade policies on just the things we are talking about here...(i.e the shortages and shipping costs are going to get much worse).

So yeah, dream away on the next Lectric bike... for me, my next eBike upgrade is going to be what I assemble myself with off the shelf parts for about the same cost without the wait. Local bike shops almost always have used bikes already reconditioned and ready to make into your own project bike. Based on what I've been reading here for the last 2 years, Lectric owners LOVE modding out their bikes and spending like drunken sailors on options...so do yourself a favor and build your own dream bike for your next eBike project. For those who must have a folding bike and have no problem waiting and giving your money away for months for other people to use, then by all means stay with what you like.


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Most people seem to want a cheap mini bike or scooter, what they could really blow the competition out of the water with is a trike with the same basic specs as the new XP 2.0.
One thing I noticed while trying out a higher-end "Specialized" was how easy that thing was to pedal without motor assist the big problem is the cost, as the old saying goes" You get what you pay for".
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