What would you like to see Lectric build next


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Something funky

a retro ride something like the Revi Cheetah..

or perhaps something like the Uni Bobber XT..



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I think I am going to buy the Frey CC tonight especially if I have 1 more beer. Looks like 1800 down today and trying to nail down when they are charging the next 1800. Going to go with the retro cream color with rack, fenders, lights etc. Hopefully I get it by Feb...

I already ordered. Is there any reason why I shouldn't stick with my Cream color? I love the Red, but the Cream is screaming my name...


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Def a lighter bike, but also quicker with a longer battery life, and with some suspension. I think the brand should test the waters with a higher end. I think with their customer service they will get a better response than they anticipate.
This would be my dream bike in a step thru version. Lectric was one of the few affordable bikes that would work for me since I'm fairly short. It's a heavy beast of a bike though. More colors would be nice too.