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After changing a flat on the rear wheel of new Rize Leisure, I noticed that the rear wheel was not centered in the frame. The drive side was about 1/2 " away from the frame while the left side was only 1/8th" away. I rode it like this for about 1000 km without issue until my next flat. Now with the axles fully seated and the axil lock spacer in place the tire is rubbing on the left side to the point that it's hard to turn the wheel. Has anyone experienced this?


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You can have a bike shop true the wheels and adjust the dish. It is an inexpensive repair. Or you can do it yourself with a spoke wrench. There are a lot of Youtube videos that can show you how. It also possible that those tires are a bit too big for that frame. It doesn't look like there is very much clearance to begin with.