Wheel Balancing .


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Hi all, just thought I would show you how I made some wheel weights to balance the wheels on the GenZe 101 sport that I have.
There might be weights that you can buy for bikes, but if I can make it myself, I would rather make it than buy it.
On old Britsh Motorcycles, they have wheel weights that clamp on to the spoke nipple. So I thought why not make some like that for the bike.
I have some lead weights from car wheels, some fishing sinkers.
The front wheel was not out of balance to much, but enough that just moving the reflector would not balance it. So I just cut off some of the car wheel weight, rapped it around the nipple, got the right place and weight to balance the wheel, real easy.
The wheel and spokes are black, so I just used painted it black, blends in real good.
The back wheel was out enough that the bike would bounce ot the kickstand when I would spin the rear wheel.
I used the sinker for this one. Just drill out the weight to a little bigger then the spoke nipple, cut one side open, spread it apart enough to fit over to spoke, when you have the right weight , and spoke you need to balance it, just crimp it down ot the nipple, paint it to your liking, and all balanced.
I know most people do not balance there wheels , but you guys with the 25+ mph. bikes should really balance your wheels. Keep looking up! Ken.