wheel speed sensor spoke thingy missing


Hey everybody, quick question. I picked up a 2016 Raleigh Sprite (tranzx) ebike. It was a project that somebody else was in the middle of rebuilding. Anyway, the person working on it, replaced both wheels. When he did that I'm guessing he didn't take the little thingy for the speed sensor off of the old wheel. I did some research and this is the sensor I have:


Is the thing that attaches to the spoke just a magnet? If so, would pretty much anything do? I didn't really want to buy the whole kit for just that piece. Thanks for the info.


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It's just a magnet.
Any magnet would do.

It doesn't have to be an ebike magnet.
If you get a non-ebike's speedometer megnet, it will work.

If you get a piece of magnet, it would still work.
Which means, if you happen to have a piece of magnet at home, it will likely work.




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They have one on AliEXpress.

Just so you know, AliExpress is generally very slow. (I'm talking about up to 2 months)

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Any cycling spoke mounted magnet should do the trick. You do need a magnet strong enough to trigger the sensor as it spins by through the air gap between it and the sensor. These magnets are strong, but small. Their magnetic field is often focused with a metal housing that's a part of the spoke mount making them more effective. As @Nova Haibike suggested, you can most likely get one of these for cheap (or free) at your LBS.


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One of mine fell off a while ago. I glued a magnet onto the reflector that they stick in between the spokes. Then I had to glue the reflector to the spokes. By that time, my $2 replacement from China had finally arrived in the mail.