When do you charge your battery?


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I have a 17.5 amp battery powering my 500 watt mid drive Bafang motor. The bike is a recent build. I have put almost 300 miles on the bile. My longest ride was 25 miles. Most rides are between 15 and 20 miles. Fully charged the battery is 54.4 volts. the lowest it has ever dropped is 48.? volts and that was after three rides. Usually I have been charging it after every ride. Sunday we went on a short 12 mile ride and the voltage dropped from 54.2 to 51.9. Is it a good practice to keep it fully charged or not thinking of longevity.


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To answer the question I generally charge at about 46v. If it gets a hair lower, no big deal.

I'm skeptical of those that try not to charge over 80 or 90 percent, whatever number they are using. Generally these guys don't talk about the need to balance charge for good battery health.

I believe frequent full charges, to allow time to balance, is a very good plan, especially early on with a new pack. At the same time, I don't believe it's necessary EVERY time. This will likely depend on how frequently you charge, which is obviously about how much you're using your bike. If it's in constant/everyday use, I don't think a 100% charge will hurt a thing. If your riding is once a week, charging fully, then leaving it sit, may not be such a good plan.

More than anything else, I believe over thinking this to the point of being anal about it is not very productive.