Where to buy replacement O Ring Seal?


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When I removed the locking on my Haibike xduro 29er, the rubber O Ring Seal came out broken in two pieces. Any idea where I might be able to find a replacement? I see a bunch of stores carrying them in Europe but I'm in the USA and shipping charges seem excessive.

I'm talking about the rubber O Ring shown here: https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/Bosch-Performance-Spider-Nut-Alloy-Upgrade

I tried buying a few random O Rings but they were too thick and when I remounted the lockring my sprocket ended up having wiggle room which I assume is bad.

I am not mechanically inclined so please be kind :)


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You might not find the item online to purchase, if you call these well known, established dealers, I think one (or all) will be able to help you.

Midwest: Crazy Lenny's 608.276.5921

West Coast: Motostrano 650.918.6259

East Coast: Electric Bikes of New England 888.809.5183


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Just wanted to say thanks for the helpful responses. Per the suggestion, I did end up finding it at Motostrano, which is where I bought the bike from to begin with.