Where to repare a Bosch display?


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Hi there,

By accident I hit very soft my Bosch display, but it stopped recognizing the engine.
The display is not broken.

Please, can anyone tell me where to repair it in Spain or abroad?

Thank you all


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Chris Nolte

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Does it turn on when it's not on the bike? It sounds like it's just the connection. You can try to clean the connections. You can also try messing with the display mount a bit.

It might make sense to bring it into a local dealer. They can try another display and at least confirm that's the issue. Smaller Bosch parts like that aren't really made to be repaired, but it could be possible. Most parts are just replaced on the rare occasion they fail.


I agree with Chris as I don't think it is broken, probably just not connecting. First time it happened to me, it took a bit to figure it out. Try sliding it further down into the lock and see if it works. I now recognize when mine is off because it shuts down really fast. Like it is trying to tell me it isn't getting a message from the bike. Push it further into the holder until you get a click and you might be back in business.


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Hello you all

I have tried to take it to into a local dealer, but they are not about to repair but to sell a new one.

I am sure it is the display because I bought a new one and everything works well.

It is not dirty so the damage is inside, although outside seems to have nothing damaged.

I have tried to push it further into the holder as Teresa says but …..nothing better…………

It is a pity these types of displays are so bad, because I hit it very very little…

In fact, when riding I am afraid of falling down thinking …..if I hit the display…..the bike will let me down in the middle of the mountains…!

Thank you all for your suggestions


Well, technology can have loose connections and I'd like to hope you just got one like that. I've had mine for over 4000 miles of riding - bike has been dropped and crashed quite a bit - 1500 of those miles were bike packing over very rough roads and hauling a trailer and have had no issues. So, hopefully your new one is well done and good to go with no troubles.

Jeff Backes

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Our throwaway society gets to me too. Even apple has realized that screens and batteries need to be replaceable.

Need to replace my bosh motor performance line cx. The power is Just keep on turn off and on. Hope you could help me to buy new bosh motor.