Which Battery Charger for Como 2.0 and 3.0?


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We recently purchased a Como 2.0 and a 3.0. When we got the bikes, the Como 2.0 came with a 4.0 amp charger, and the Como 3.0 came with a 2.0 amp charger.

But since the 3.0 battery has a larger capacity, shouldn't it have the larger charger? At least in terms of charging time? Did somebody get the two batteries mixed up?

And can either charger be used for either bike?

And my last question is, the User Manuals talk about different SBC batteries, but it doesn't identify which SBC battery is for which bike. How do I know which battery our bikes bhve; SBC-B09, a SBC-B10... etc.?

Thanks very much for any information you may have.


Stefan Mikes

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You can safely use the larger charger for any Specialized Vado/Como battery. So you can swap your chargers if you don't want to buy a new larger charger.

The battery model is printed on a label at the bottom side of the battery.