Which battery will give me longer range?


I'm looking to get maximum range from my existing dolphin battery setup, and need either a 2nd battery or just a different battery. My current battery is 48V 11.6Ah Li-Ion With 30 Amp Continuous BMS Samsung 29E Cells, and depending on the route I take to work, may or may not get me there with a dead battery.

The Luna Cycle battery looks like it's using great, high energy density cells, but with the higher voltage it might also draw more power, and reduce range. They claim that most controllers that can handle 48v can also handle 52v. My understanding is that my current controller is good up to 60v.

The em3ev battery has what could be slightly lower energy density cells, but lower voltage, so potentially higher range.

I'm riding long-ish distances at low power (pedal assist 1) on relatively flat terrain, so I don't have a lot of high-power spikes during my ride...just want to get there without the battery dying.

http://em3ev.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=35_53&product_id=161 with the 29e, 47v 11.6ah option

Which of these would keep me riding longer? And, any other observations about these two batteries/vendors?

Thanks for your help!


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Your current battery is pretty decent, so if you're not satisfied with its range, and it's less than 2 years old, those other two batteries arent offering much more energy. Considering batteries lose 10% a year, you'll be back where you are now in a couple of years.

Don't know what bike you have, but if it were me, I'd check out the triangle battery packs offered by those vendors. YOu'll get a lot more energy and range wont be an issues for years. Find a triangle pack that fits in your frame, modify the battery leads and mount to fit, and enjoy it!


Yeah that's what I've been thinking too - either get a triangle pack, or just carry a spare battery. Riding to work in heavy wind today was killing my speed, and I have to keep it in the lowest pedal assist to make the battery last, and another ebiker went whizzing by me. Made me so envious!

Ron Adamowicz

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Your main concern should be, who is using true Samsung cells? and who is using Chinese knock-offs? I believe Luna Cycle uses true Panasonic and possible Samsung cells, not sure about em3ev?
There is a huge difference, most (80% to 90%) of Chinese cells are junk, they do not hold the capacity they advertise, their fail rate is above 3%, and longevity is less than 1000 cycles.
In regards to rating true Samsung or Panasonic cells, most power cells will not last as long as high density cells, but be careful if these cells are used to pull more amps and volts, the pack will not last long. Remember, amps=torque, volts=hp.


I ended up going with the Luna Cycle 48v Panasonic 13.5ah Dolphin. Should get me about 16% more range than my current battery, although I'll probably carry both so I can spoil myself with a high amount of pedal assist and have peace of mind that I won't run out of juice.

Thanks for the help, folks!