Which between Verve+ 2 Stagger and Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 500 Trapeze?

Hello friends, I'm very new, even if I'm 66 years old. ;) ;) It will be my first E-bike, although I have rarely used a poor E-bike that I don't like, not even aesthetically.
I'd like to buy a nice and confortable E-bike. All you are more experienced than me and I'd like yo gest some precise info.
I'm about to place the order for an E-bike and I have noticed that the dealer, being the Trek dealer, gives me a special discount on Verve + 2 Stagger with 500 WH battery.
Both are 2021 model. I have never been so undecided on what to do.

Cube Kathmandu Hibrid Pro 500 around 2400 euro ( List price 2899 euro)

Trek Verve + 2 Stagger (with 500 WH battery) around 2300 euro ( List price 2849 euro)

A few people are suggesting me to look at Winora too but I don't know which Winora E-bike could be good for me.
I will use it on the paved but bumpy and uphill roads, dirt roads with breach and even a very light off road (going to fields, but rarely).

My questions:
1) Can both go on dirt roads or across some fields? I mean only a bit off road.
2) In your opinion, which of the two is more comfortable?
3) According to your personal taste, which one is more pleasant and beautiful to look at?
4) Which of the two E-bike would you buy, even if the Trek Verve + 2 Stagger has a 500 WH battery?

If you know another better E-bike but at the same price, it is OK.
Thank you a lot for your precious news. I'm afraid of making mistakes.


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1. Yes
2. Both have a suspension fork, a suspension seatpost, adjustable stem, ergonomic grips, and are available in a variety of frame sizes and types, they're both comfortable.
3. Aesthetics might favor the integrated frame battery of the Cube.
4. The Cube is the better ebike for off road and hill climbing, it has the latest 4th generation Bosch Performance CX motor (85nm torque), option to upgrade to the larger 625wh battery, a wide range cassette, and weighs only 4lb/1.8kg more than the Trek. The Kathmandu gets good reviews and owners commenting on this thread like it, quote: "At an equivalent price, it outshines every other Gen. 4 bike I could find and the equipment is nothing less than fabulous."
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After your precious suggestions I will buy Cube Kathmandu Hybryd Pro 500.
I tested my "Frame Size".
As I am 173 cm tall (average build) and my leg from the feet to the groin are 84 cm. My "Frame Size" is between "S" and "M".
Do you suggest me to buy the "S" or "M" Cube? What could be more comfortable and convenient for me?

I attach even a pic where you can see some numbers and abbreviations (down). What are they? What should I choose?
I thank you a lot!


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