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new to forum. looking to ditch my car and get an electric bike. Live in Kamloops, BC. have a short commute of about 6kms. with about a 350 m elevation gain. good paved paths to get there on.
may do some riding on gravel paths as well.
weigh about 115lbs and am 5'1" tall. 30" inseam. not much of a reach. prefer to ride upright.
looking to use bike to get groceries, run errands, travel to/from work. looking for something lightweight and easy to store as my place is not very big and I don't wish to leave the bike outside in bad weather or overnight.
wondering if I should get a folding bike? I don't want anything that is too heavy. looking for Canadian brands. and I think I need a 500w motor and hydraulic brakes.
anyone have any suggestions for brands/models under $2000? max $2500? thanks,


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Take a look at Surface604 bikes. Canadian company. Good reviews and decent components in that price range.


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Tern Vektron D7i folds, 52lb, fits riders from 4'10", nice adjustable handlebars, hydraulic disk brakes, rack for carrying stuff, Nexus 7 IGH lets you shift gears when stationary, lights running off the ebike battery, fenders, double kickstand, 2" balloon tires with reflective sidewall, but the nearest Tern dealers appear to be in Vancouver, it costs CDN$2900 so a bit over your budget, and a 250w rated mid-drive (but powerful, up to 80nm torque), still a good choice for your needs.

For a Canadian brand you might try the Evo Atwater, 2 grand + GST, folds, 40lb, but only 250w hub motor (weaker than Tern with just 33nm torque), mechanical disk brakes, no rack, fenders, or lights. A shop in Kamloops is an Evo dealer so should be able to get one in and any accessories. Picture on page 26 of this catalog

Kelowna e-ride has some other brands including Surface 604 mentioned above, Magnum (Premium), Biktrix (Kutty), note those folding bikes have more powerful 500w motors but are also heavier >60lb
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Hi! I use Propella 2.2. e-bike to commute to work. You can check it out as well. It’s not foldable, but what I like about it is that it’s lightweight and easy to move around. The bike charges quickly and to my mind ideal for urban commuters. Moreover, it looks really cool. I like the blue rims, the black frame, the blue accents. My friend, by the way, has a foldable e-bike – Lectric XP 28 MPH. You can also pay attention to it.