which Cassette and chain is best for Haibike xduro rx

david lynch

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  1. Hi Guys, new to the Forum and looking for help.

    I have the Haibike xduro cross rx and I want a new Cassette and chain. I have Zero knowledge about These things so here I am.

    link to my bike specs is here : http://www.haibike.de/produkte_detail_en,,20876,detail.html
    I think I have found a decent Cassette, the SRAM Cassette PG-990 but would love to hear from anyone with perhaps any other ideas.

    Maybe someone could give me tips for everything, I don't want to buy cheap and so I don't mind spending a bit of Money.

    Gratefull for any Tips.

    BTW bike was bought new in September last year and I have tuned it.


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I don't know the answer, but please share if/when you figure it out. I hope someone here has some ideas. The only thing I can suggest is checking a good local bike shop.

Why are you replacing cassette and chain?


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I would like to hear as well. I guess the Shimano equivalent is this: SHIMANO CS-M770. In reading reviews on Amazon the SRAM does well, problem is I would like find reviews when used on ebikes with with mid-motors.


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KMC is making a chain specifically for mid drive e bikes. I think if you google that you will come up with it. Your choice for a cassette sounds fine. Hopefully you can find both at the same place!


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I'm not sure why you would be bothering with a cassette change. You won't get any lower gearing than 11t, and moving from 32t to 34t on the easy end is kinda pointless on a pedelec bike since you'll hardly be using the easiest gears. Weight savings is also pointless on an already lighter electric bike.

I could see having a backup chain for an e bike but even a chain can be repaired at least temporarily if it needs to be replaced.


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@pxpaulx I think you are making some assumptions about riding styles. I have been riding very steep terrain and I use a 11-36 and wish I had even higher. Anyway @david lynch if you ride steep hills or trails I can highly recommend 36t at the upper end.