Which Crank Puller for Giant Explore E+1?


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I've got a 2019 Giant Explore E+1 GTS. I need to get a crank puller and my bike is at home (and it's snowing) and I've got to run an errand that will bring me completely in the other direction close to MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op). They show two different crank pullers... a Park Tools CCP-22 that removes cranks using a square taper, Power Drive®, or Power Spline® bottom bracket interface. And a Park Tools CWP-7 Universal Crank Puller - Square/Splined. If I don't pick up the tool now it'll be another 10 days before I can get out there again and I'd have to spend over 2 hours (return) driving time.

The specs for my crank simply say, "Forged Alloy minimal Q-factor, 36/48T".

Does anyone know which I should get?