Which is better? Rad Power Bikes or Ride 1 Up?

Which is best?

  • Ride 1 Up 700 Series XR

  • Ride 1 Up 700 Series ST

  • Rad Power Bikes Rad City

  • Rad Power Bikes Rad City Step Thru

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The Aventon Pace 500 is a lighter bike by about 10 lbs. it comes with hydronic brakes and larger wheels. It’s a very sturdy class 3 bike. I’ve had it for 2 years now and I’m enjoying it every time I go out. Around the same price range, but without the bells and whistles.


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I like the Aventon 500 (and 350 if you are a lighter person). It is agile, quick and well made, very fun to ride. But ... 2 problems, 1) no throttle from a stop, and 2) abrupt acceleration to 12 mph in PAS level 1. Many owners say they get used to that, and actually learn to like it.

Re Ride1up vs RAD, aside from Rad's good aftermarket support, the Ride1up is much more refined and a better value than RAD. I own a 500 and have ordered a 700 ST fro my wife. Love the bikes and have had excellent phone support with Ride1up. Rad's bikes are getting a bit long in the tooth IMO, I hope they update their product line in the near future.