Which Sporty Fenders for MTB Mainly Front to buy ?


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I live in OR and find the "sporty" front fenders don't do much of anything. For the winter months here in the OR I just take some PET sheet that I bought and cut a strip long enough to span the entire down tube, and on my setup I find leaving it long up by the headtube also helps to keep the front spray under control, and about 3"es wide and zip tie it to the down tube. I also make it long enough to go under the motor area to keep the crud off of it.

It is on the bike in this pic but actually hard to tell it is there


There are ready made versions of this concept but are all too small to be as effective I found. For my eX bikes I go for as full a fender setup as I can as seen in this older article on here: https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/do-fenders-really-perform-work.15879/

I take it off all my bikes, which I haven't yet because it is still wet as heck here, for the dryer months and simply re-install in the fall when it inevitably becomes wet again here.


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I use the RRP bolt on front fender for my eMTB, the standard size. The bolt on version is made for specific forks though.

It's main purpose for me is to keep water and crud out of my face, which it excels at.