Who has figured out an effective & easy to carry locking system for a Neo


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These are expensive bikes and I live in a city. Will commute and keep it in a locked garage at home and work but will need to leave it locked periodically elsewhere.
U-locks are breakable unless very heavy in which they are very heavy. Chains and cable locks appear easily breakable too. Have looked a bit at the Abus Bordo Combo. All good locks are heavy and are hard to attach to frame (wobbly etc).

Some recommend two locks (one for the frame and one for the wheels). more weight to carry

In summary my question is:
Who has found the sweet spot of good security with relative ease of carrying around on the bike...
Would love to hear of solutions that have worked

Ravi Kempaiah

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For my jumper I had two options,
  1. Pay $250 and get velosurance. Or
  2. Pay the same for a trailer and carry on_guard lock and chain loop in Burley Travoy trailer. This weight helps prevent the tipping of trailer at high speeds.
I bought the trailer because I wanted to go small distance (~200 miles) tours.
Will post a picture tomorrow.


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Hey @DBSeattle, for my Neo Jumper I just used a standard OnGuard U-Lock with two cables... a thick one for the front wheel (included with some OnGoards) and also a thin one for the seat. I would lock the rear wheel and seat tube to a solid rail in the parking garage where I worked and it seemed to do very well. Recently I've followed Ravi's advice above and got Velosurance with $300 deductible. It makes me feel better about the possibility of theft and since it covers accessories and doesn't depreciate the value of stuff over years it's an awesome deal but the best part is liability coverage and lawyer fees paid in case I get into some kind of an accident.

I thought about getting a large chain lock but the weight bummed me out and I didn't want to use a trailer. I carry all of my locks and stuff around in a simple backpack with roll-top so I can cram my clothes and helmet in :)