Who has found a rack for their Scrambler


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UPDATED: The Solution, and nearly perfect.
My use will be grocery panniers and I bought a Topeak cargo net for the occasional PIZZA!

Got pictures of your solutions and links?

This will work, (Thanks to Derek Monroe YouTube for verifying it on his bike.)
In my experience, there was very little "bending" just a nudge to the right as tightening the 4 fastener points using a plastic wedge.
Axiom Mk 3 Alu Journey Uni-Fit Cycle Rear Rack. $64.99 (Do not buy the "FAT" UNI model as it is too wide to work.)

OK, today was the SCRAMBLER's rear rack!
The fit on the Scrambler is nearly easy. I only needed to get a couple of longer side plate bolts to mount the rack arms to the top front inside location.
Instructions are lower right side uses #27 hole on longest included brackets and go's into the topmost unused pre-threaded hole on the frame. The left side uses the #29 hole into the existing rear axle retention plate (torque plate) using the stock bike bolt. Next, you extend both rack bars to your side plates inside top forward, you will need to slightly longer stainless bolts about $3 at the hardware store. I used plastic wedges to align the rack to the center (pushing right) and an SAE 1/4 12 point wrench to hold the proper hex bit due to clearance. Seems rock solid and uses all tough stainless bolts. Axiom claims 100 pounds of freight use.

I highly recommend you use blue Loctite on all fasteners except the left side lower as you will need to remove the "torque plate" anytime you fix a flat or remove the rear wheel. You could use purple "low" Loctite however.



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I have an Axiom rack for my old 29er mtn bike. Very well made and sturdy. Bought it because it was one of the few racks where the mount extends behind the axle and is very adjustable, so lots of clearance.


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OK, The RIZE Blade rear rack has different mounting points according to my response from RIZE.
So, that one is out, but if you want a cool rack go check the RIZE Blade out. https://electricbikereview.com/rize-bikes/blade-minibike/

Rize Bikes
(Rize Bikes)
May 2, 4:11 PM PDT
Hello Jason,

Thank you for contacting us. After reviewing the scrambler frame, it's determined that our rack will not fit on your bike. We had to change our last year's frame to have this rack fit.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Jay Del Monte
Rize Bikes Team


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OK, in the next week or so this will be updated with 2 solutions and my install video.
Keep watching!
UPDATED THE TOP POST for the final solution.
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There is one other known Juiced Scrambler rear BASKET solution that you only add two stainless 'L' brackets.

Bell Tote Series Bicycle Basket $29.99

This could also be added to the Axiom rack in the top post.