Who has used eBikemaps.com to plan a ride?

Jack Tyler

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I've begun using it, planning trips around our new city of Bozeman MT, and I was left wondering if my problems with it are due to using an iMac vs. a PC. Bike paths suddenly disappear when route planning, no +/- control buttons so zooming/panning becomes awkward. It could well be due to my lack of familiarity and limited time I've spent with it. So far, more frustrating than productive.


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Never even looked at it, as it would just be a complete waste of time for off road use.

No system can predict what the ground conditions are, or what power assist level to use for a given off road climb. I'll pass that one, and just get on with riding and enjoying the bike, without yet another distraction.
I have tried, I think the add a bike feature is clunky. I swear I requested the cross current by juiced and saw it added then it was removed. The concept sounds nice though.