Why bikes and e-bikes will eat cars

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Yeah I can just see it now. Family decide to go to the beach for a picnic. Mum gets on the bar of the bike, kids in a trailer on the back Picnic table on the rear carrier.
At the beach Dad's to knackered to play with the kids besides he has to keep his strength up because he still has to 'double' the wife on the bar and tow the kids back home.(hoping that he has enough battery left)
Not going to happen

If they all have e-bikes, a family ride to the beach sounds lovely! Four new e-bikes can be purchased for way less than one new car.

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I'd be happier with paved bike trails everywhere nearly as wide as single lane roads, that also crossed other car roads either under or over ( where practical) so you wouldn't have to stop and to lessen dangers of accidents between cars and riders. I do eventually envision numerous city downtown areas blocked off to cars and only allowing pedestrians and bikes. It could result in more freed up green space and removal of ungainly parking garages that tower as high as skylines, while making those same areas more peaceful and safe. Cars are 4000 to 6000 lb hunks of metal that are costly to move around people that weigh less than 250 lbs. (Most of the time). The energy involved in making them, and resources consumed are mind boggling. Compared to the maybe 60lb ebike that can move those same humans around, give them some exercise so they can stay in shape, live longer, be healthier while doing it, and lowering health care costs, seems to be a no brainer.

Cities in the Netherlands really rejected this whole car centric Urban planning starting back in the 1970's. The Dutch use bikes as a tool to feed into the public transit systems. 50% of all trips on public transit begin with a bike. That first and last mile role is huge for bikes.

It will be much harder for the US to undo the mess we have created with cars, pavement, and parking. And many roads and bridges are in disrepair because states no longer can afford to keep them up. So many states like my own have budget deficits so deep, they can't even fund their pensions properly let alone the roads.

I suspect re-doing this insanity will take years of painful recognition. Ebikes are the pathway in my humble opinion. They can be the catalyst to overcome the mental obstacles society has about use of bikes for more than just infrequent joy rides. It'll take very stubborn people (such as yours truly) to push this direction.
Amsterdam rocks!

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I think a vehicle along the lines of Arcimoto's new FUN EV ("Fun Utility Vehicle") with its 100 mile range and 75mph top speed, has multiple orders of magnitude better chance of seeing widespread success than $3k-$4k trikes. Presuming they can eventually produce it at that price. Trikes have all the disadvantages of bikes (eg. top speed, safety in traffic) without fully realizing the greatest convenience advantages of the bicycle: portability and ease of parking. There is almost no space in the market between eBikes and small EVs like the Arcimoto for eTrikes to find any great success IMO.
Cool looking vehicle. But that's almost $20k. I wouldn't be surprised to see that sort of vehicle and many choices in between pedal assist ev's and just pure ev's in many shapes and sizes. It's hard to rule out any thing at this point.