Why can I not find Titanio on Prodeco website?


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Why have they removed any information regarding this bike from their website? It's still available to buy here and there

Cameron Newland

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They're probably not manufacturing it anymore.

Though it's a unique, strong, lightweight bike, it is pretty expensive and it does have very poor range due to the small battery, so I imagine sales have been lackluster, and that continuing to manufacture is wouldn't make financial sense.

George S.

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They don't even have listings in the archive for the Titanio, on the PT site. The Scorpion series was similar, but not made of Titanium, and much lower priced. I found a link to the Scorpions on the PT site, but they are not listed on the 'Ebike' page.

They were 2012 bikes, which is a very long time ago, given how things have changed. Prodeco is finally getting around to mid-drives, which has to be a big part of the future. They don't seem to have anything for S-Pedelec, as well.

Sometimes I think Prodeco wanted to start building higher margin bikes just at the time the direct Chinese stuff opened up, like the Crowdfund bikes. They are going with the Bafang mid-drive, the integrated frame version. I think that would be a better deal, but now there is a $2500 Haibike.


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I realize this thread is years old, but I'm currently looking for a Titanio. Would be grateful for any leads.