Why Class 1 and 3 treated differently in U.S.?


Thanks for all the replies, and you have helped me make up my mind: I'll get whatever "class" of bike looks good to me and will deal with things from there, but don't really expect any problems.

steve mercier

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I don't want to get off topic here, but I've sometimes seen that startling a pedestrian by calling out "On your left" causes them to move to their left! If I'm not on a bike with a bell, I usually just say "Passing" or "Passing on the left".
There is nothing predictable about passing pedestrians. You might call " On your left" and pass 6 of them with no trouble but the 7th will be on their phone and hear you but not recognize it , the 8th will inexplicably jump left at the last second ,the 9th will not hear you at all ( earbuds in) nor will the 10th ( they left the hearing aids in their other pants). Dont get me started on the loose-dog walkers. Oh yeah I forgot my point. If we all ride for the conditions there will not be an Ebike backlash and the classifications will not matter on the paths. Having said that it is the possible growth of E-motos (capabable of over 70 kmh) which concerns me somewhat, since they may be confused with E-bikes by the general public.
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