Why Do Some Displays Show Trip and Odometer Miles Changing Every Two or Three vs. Every One Mile?


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This question came up during a livestream video I posted today, and user cresshead helped us figure it out. The question was written: "Why on my 2017 rad rover when I ride and the miles go up every mile it does not go up like every 3 miles go up it’s weird can you maybe help me with that I have like 1000 miles."

This translates more clearly to "why doesn't my trip meter and odometer increment every single mile vs. every two or three miles." and the answer that cresshead posited was "maybe it's linked to every so man Km and it's interpolating to miles .. remember miles is not a common length usage world wide"

I summarized this as "most electric bike products and LCD computer units are probably built with metric as the native measurements (vs. imperial) so they are calculating kilometers and then converting into miles at whole numbers, which is why they don't go up every one mile, but also don't consistently increment at every two or three"

Since 1km = .62mi perhaps the display waits until you're at a whole kilometer measurement that also equals greater than or equal to a whole number of miles? This is still just a working theory, and I welcome feedback here from everyone in the community who has a Rad Power Bike (which has historically used King Meter LCD displays) or others who have noticed this behavior. Honestly, I hadn't thought about it much before this question came up :)