Why I enjoy my St2


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2 things always jump out 1st. This was my 1st time using hydraulic brakes , and 1st e-bike, and these maguras are the bomb. So confidence inspiring. Next is the crispness of shifting, very rapid and solid. I really enjoy a bike that is almost silent, and the St2 comes through in spades in this department. I have grown to love the hum of the balloon Big Bens rolling along. Brilliant choice of hoops. Range anxiety is almost non issue . I just realised mine has stopped that surging issue that has been an issue with others. Don't know why , been steady as she goes lately. Mighty fine piece of machinery !

Ravi Kempaiah

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You're right on @David1 !
Although I enjoy riding geared hubs, near silent operation of SYNO drive definitely brings out cognitive ease.
Big Bens ooze confidence when it comes to rolling and grip.

@opimax et al have described certain sensation of pulsing. I have not felt it in the last 1500 miles. It also depends on the rider.
Some people apply power to the cranks throughout the full rotation not just when the cranks are at their apogee (12pm position). This helps the torque sensor to keep a steady strain and hence smooth power delivery.
It could as simple as adjusting the agility and torque setting on them. @opimax , let's go for a ride this Saturday morning and figure that out.


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Perfect, as said I don't know if it is real issue with the bike. I am sure we will get this sorted out.

Ps I was hoping to go riding this weekend together anyway! New toys are best when used