Why I love the Ezip/Izip Trailz

Rick LaPraim

New Member
For long treks you need the lithium upgrade batteries. I have a schwinn with the Izip Trailz type kit ,a Ezip Trailz Commuter and an Izip Trailz AL. love them all for around town. Two batteries can make it to any destination in town. Since we have three the battery systems rock we just grab a battery and go. if one goes dead we have more just grab one and go. The SLA Batteries are easy and cheap to rebuild. If you crash the bike and tweak your rack you can just unbolt it and replace it for about $100.00 dollars. On other Ebikes you crush your weld on rack your screwed. It is heavy but who cares I live in an hilly area and have made it up just about every hill that i need to. wont climb a mountain but I didnt buy it to climb a mountain.
What i use it for is concerts in the park, Car show days , Parades "no parking issues", Trader Joe shopping, going to the post office, going to the park and trips to the bank. You get the Idea.
I also have seven grand children so the get to play on the bikes very very cheap fun.

As far as repairing one it does not get any simpler. Bad moter or gear reduction box just unbolt and replace no hub motor nightmares. hub motor loosen spokes and useually require a shop repair doubleing repair cost no thanks a new motor is only a hundred dollars. thanks for reading and I recomend these bikes for those on a budget