why is this section so dead?


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I am fairly new, gathering information on the e-bike marketplace and was really interested in possibly pursuing a copenhagen wheel project on my vintage Trek singletrack. I don't know all the background but the price of the wheel changed over the years and is now basically $1800, but it looks like a drop-in, which is certainly worth something. Performance is pretty important and price to me takes a bit of a back seat.

Are the superpedestrian users on another forum somewhere? Or is the adoption pretty slim (based on the price)?

I am curious as some of these other subsections seem pretty active, but this one... not so much.

rich c

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From what I read, cost, low power, small battery, and bad customer service. But no direct experience.


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Follow link and scroll down to bottom of the review for CW owners feedback.

Spoke breakage can be a hassle. And problems with app.


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Ease of install is a poor tradeoff for high cost, limited range, low performance, and awful looks. Not to mention Apps are for buying coffee, not for running a bike.

Pål S

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It's everything it says in the commercials teckwise, but "flatlines" on service....

Copenhagen Wheel owner... used to be