Why not Suggest Ride1Up e-bikes?


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When I see a 'Post' from 'Potential e-bike Riders' asking for suggestions on what kind of e-bike they should buy, I have noticed that very few ever
suggest Ride1Up.
Before I bought mine and my wife's two Ride1Up 700 series e-bikes, I studied over 30 e-bikes Extra Hard, as to what they offered, what they didn't,
of course the Cost, and Extremely Important (to me, anyway) was the 'Customer Service' that the bike manufacturer or Dealer offered, and after
doing so, just assured me that Ride1Up has the Very Best e-Bike on the market, for what I was going to use it for, and for a 'STEAL' of a price.
I would Really like to know why Ride1Up's are so very seldom mentioned as 'bikes to Buy' to new e-bike riders, in the articles I've seen, anyway..
Possibly because they don't make a 'Hill Racer' model, or what? Surely some other prospective New e-bile shoppers are looking for a Great way
to get exercise in RV parks and non-crowded trails.
Jus Wondering............
My guess is that the biggest issue is that they are not at your LBS, and direct to consumer. Otherwise, you'd see a lot more press on them. I have other bikes and brands, but gave the Ride1UP Roadster v2 a try, since it was a very low cost (under $1100) way to try a lighter weight, carbon belt drive ebike.

I posted my 1 year, 4000 mile report in the Ride1UP forum, and am beyond happy and loving it. Best bike I've ever had, and am smiling every ride! I'd be shocked if someone tried it, and didn't come away impressed. But that's the problem -- no LBS to try it. Other bikes now gather dust.

That said, money no object I'd seriously consider the higher-end Specialized for 3-10 times the price, but something about an almost silent belt drive and very quiet motor, and the simple elegance of a single speed keeps bringing back to the Roadster 😃


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OlePhart, I hope when I am 82 years young- if I make it that far- I am still able to pedal around on a bicycle.
It is truly a joy to do, and dollars spent does not always correlate in direct proportion the level of enjoyment.
Keep doing what you’re doing!! 🙂

rich c

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Well Rich obviously lots of people do

These are nice starter bikes and may work well for a lot of people

I think we all know you get what you pay for but there are plenty of people driving Toyota and not Mercedes
I specifically said "personally" to defuse the "lots of other people" or "I love mine" retorts. I guess you missed that.


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As stated by a previous response, I only feel comfortable recommending bikes that I have owned and/or test rode. . I'm not familiar with Ride 1 Up but it sounds like you found yourself a nice bike.