Why Not to buy a Stromer ?


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There is a lot evidence that leads into taking the decision that this is not something to purchase !

As there is a already a thread titled " Why Buying a stromer” it’s only fair to pinpoint the other side of the coin.

If somebody’s going to spend five grand on a bike then they need to know the whole truth !

Here are some of the issues presented by real Users:

”(Refund Refused/More Issues) My Experience - Brand New Stromer. 3 months of ownership, 2 months of repairs.“

Here are some actual market data... ;) Every year, leading German bike trade magazine SAZ bike sends surveys to hundreds of bicycle dealers asking them to score manufacturers in different categories. When the results are in, SAZ bike publishes their rankings. The big news this year is that...
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”Cogging? Resistance at strange times.“

The ST1 X I picked up yesterday seems to have a fair amount of resistance (cogging?) when I stop pedaling and sometimes when I am pedaling. Tonight when I went out for a ride I noticed this happening at different times. At some points in the ride it seemed to happen whenever the bike hit 25 mph...
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USA 2G networks shutting down - 2G Theft Recovery will no longer work
Bottom line is Stromers are an unneeded headache. Just buy an R&M with that budget.
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Note- this one may get a pass as is cellular carrier issue.

New Stromer owner. App broken or am I stupid?
Hi, I’m new to the whole forum thing. I never understood how these work so I apologize if this has been posted about and resolved/discussed on another post. I just purchased my first Stromer. Immediately upon its arrival I noticed the app said it has no connection to the bike. I can still...
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Stromer commuters
Note also that both ST1 and ST5 models have been subject to recalls due to defective and dangerous design: Thank you for digging out the old ST1 recall! Together with the recent recall of 195 Stromer ST5, this gives me the opportunity to illustrate how superior the Stromer customer care is...
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Stromer ST5: Is it reliable?
Back in July, I wrote about the excitement about getting a 2nd ST5 after the 1st ST5 failed the day I was to take delivery at Electric Bikes ZZZ. Between July and September, I experienced a lot of weird errors, I lost track of them. I was getting annoyed that the bike seemed to have been most of...
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Is this real?
Hello all, I have an opportunity to purchase a 2015 ST2. The bike’s odometer reads 142 miles which seems low for 4 year-old bike. Is this real? Can the bike accumulate more than that without registering on the electronic odometer? Can the odometer data be edited or tampered with? Finally I was...
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- It’s only Ravi and Bluecat on all this threads praising and attaching Tech files in favour of Stromer.
What is the reason for this ?

Stromer lack of support and a dead st1
Well... since my local shop sent off for two wires to fix this broken ST1 (no_Comm error) and installed them...nothing changed...so now they are ordering me a whole new motor and wheel again....this will be the third new motor since buying this e-bike. ....lucky for me its still under warranty...
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Cracked Torque Sensor plate on ST1
I had a flat tire a couple weeks ago on my ST1 and it happened to be across the street from a auto repair place. I used their 19mm wrench and air to change my flat tire. As I was tightening the nut back on, I heard a crack. Figured it was just those locking washers seating with each other but...
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Charger fan not working?
My Stromer isn’t even 2 weeks old and the charger is already giving me problems. I just plugged it in and a few minutes later I realized the chargers fan wasn’t working and the charger was getting very hot. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, is there any way to fix this? Or should I just...
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Those are only from last 7-8weeks from the very few people who took the time to write , and i’m sure you very well know the dealers opinions about this ebike brand.

There is the Gps functionality on this ebikes which is a plus.

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Since one of the comments is mine let me be the first to respond. The cogging is what happens with these DD motors with regen and I wasn’t aware due to being new to the bike. Cogging at 25 mph is normal due the settings I had set up. Again, I was new to the bike and didn’t know what was happening.
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Ok, that is good. I was there also a few years ago and is a learning curve. Ebr is great place to learn about ebikes.
I posted the thread for new members to kind of know what they MIGHT get themselves into. It can be interpreted in many ways... negative or neutral.