Why Roadies Don't Smile-funny article I just read


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Another thing that roadies will do is install a $120 chain that won't hold up because it is too lightweight.


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I can tell if a roadie or group of them has been through. I see all the energy gel packets on the side of the road.
They claim to follow the road rules but I very rarely see them stop at a stop sign. And rarely do they acknowledge that you have stopped for them.
I road a 20# bike. I ride a heavy mountain bike and now a e-bike so I've been there. Mountian and e-bikes are the friendliest and and will most always wave or say hi.
Serious training on a road bike is hard but there's no excuse to think your better then a new rider, family ride or non-roadie.
It was the same a long time ago that harleys wouldn't acknowledge a non-harley rider. That has changed. I road a harley for many years and would see almost all riders give the hand signal. The only exception is goldwing and bikers with patches.
I guess it's only natural to try to class yourself in any sport or activity the harder you train but it seems counterproductive and not as much fun by a long shot.
Seems like fun and sports got separated along the way for far to many people.


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Love it. I just went for a ride today and smiled and waved at 4 different roadies. None smiled or waved back. Maybe it's because I'm on an ebike or because it's also a mtb or both. Kinda rude. I do stop and help any other bikers with a problem. To me this is all about fun and relaxation. Not a race or competition.
A while back, I had an interesting and surprising response from roadies. I was tooling along on my ebike (Ariel Rider C class), watching in my mirror as a small bevy of roadies closed up on me. I wasn't trying to stay ahead of them, but kept up my regular cadence. I was not sure what to expect from them, possibly some kind of snark--or just silence. Instead, one of them said, as he passed, "Nice bike." That really startled me, but I avoided falling off the bike.

Is this the kind of event that would qualify for an entry in "Ripley's Believe it or Else"?