Wider / fatter tires for Haibike Sduro 5.0


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I have a Sduro 5.0 equipped with Schwalbe Smart Sam 27.5 - ETRTO: 57-559 (2.25")
an d the rims are Rodi BLACKROCK 23.2 mm interior diameter.
I wat to try some wider / fatter tires.
Has anyone tried to install wider tires on the Sduro 5.0 ?
My choices are between :
- Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance 27.5 x 2.60 ETRTO 65-584
- CST C1846 Patrol 27.5x2.80 ERTRO: 71–584
I have attached the measurements of the gap between the tire and the frame.
I am worried that the CST will not fit.
Can someone give me a hint ?

Thank you



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Looking at your measurements, you have no space to increase tire width on the rear, and very little space to increase it on the front. You might be able to move to 2.35" on the front but it's not worth it. Either 2.6" or 2.8" will not fit.

You cannot fix the back. If you want to have 2.6/8" on the front, you can replace your Suntour with a 27.5+ fork. But a quality plus fork costs quite a lot!


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I'm looking at adding Schwalbe Nobby Nic 29x2.6" on the rear and 2.8" on the front of my SDuro FN 6.0. Looks like the 2.8s are too tight on the rear, but will fit fine on the front. I've never run a bike with different width tires, but I think it will actually benefit me with what I'm trying to accomplish.