wilier vs. Orbea

What are the differences between a Wilier and an Orbea

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I could use help in choosing between two bikes -- a Wilier carbon fiber Cento 10 airdrop and an Orbea D31. Background: I ordered the Orbea last April and it still has not arrived since I need a small or extra small. (My bike dealer tells me he is getting Orbea shipments but not in small.) He has a Wilier XS in the shop and has offered it to me for a good price. I need to decide between the two. I'm a very experienced cyclist having ridden my trusty Klein racing bike for 25 years all over the world and my now not so modern Waterford for 10 years. I have now reached an age where certain hills ( 8 percent grade and above) are problematic. I would like an ebike to help me out since I live in a mountainous area. The Wilier is about $500 more expensive than the Orbea. I test rode it and think it's ok but had my heart set on the Orbea (more due to reviews than anything else.)
So I can buy the Wilier and forget the Orbea or wait for the Orbea to eventually come next spring (fingers crossed.) Winter is setting in so I won't be riding outdoors as much.
Are there advantages to one bike over the other? I want the feel of regular road riding since it's what I love.