Will EBikeshare Replace EBike Ownership For Most People in Cities?

Will city dwellers do more riding on personally owned or shared ebikes?

  • Personally owned ebikes

    Votes: 15 68.2%
  • Shared ebikes

    Votes: 7 31.8%

  • Total voters


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Lyft returns CitiBike ebikeshare fleet to NYC with fixes to address the faults that caused them to be withdrawn last year including a new battery supplier, new front Sturmey Archer drum brake, with the hub motor is moved to the rear so CitiBike state it is a single-speed (also reported on Reddit) hopefully it's not geared too high or it might burn out the motors climbing hills. Previously Lyft simply modified the Bay Wheels/San Francisco ebikes by adding a disk brake to replace the front roller brake. It's unclear which model ebike DC's Capital Bikeshare fleet will be getting in due course, but I hope it's not the NYC design as I liked the Enviolo CVP gearing on the original CaBi+ ebikes.

Pricing: Annual Members pay an extra $0.10/minute, capped at $2 for rides 45 minutes or less starting or ending outside Manhattan. Non-Members pay $0.15/minute. Reduced Fare Bike Share Members pay $0.05/minute, capped at $2 for rides 45 minutes or less starting or ending outside Manhattan.

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Lyft raising prices for Bay Wheels ebikeshare rides in San Fransisco $2 to unlock and 20c per minute to ride. Uber are withdrawing Jump from SF. https://www.sfchronicle.com/busines...s-triggering-an-15084541.php#article-comments. Comments I’ve read are Lyft’s pricing explanation rebalancing argument is spurious now that the Bay Wheels ebikes can be locked dockless and the new batteries can be replaced without needing to move the bike for charging.