will the juggernaut ultra 1000 could fit 26x4.6 tire for snow ride?


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Hi everyone,

Im looking to buy a Ultra 1000 or the pro not sure yet, but for riding this winter on snow trail most of the time
however I am very concerned to fit a bigger tire to ride on hard packed snow like 26x4.6 and I'm wondering if it will will fit?
I won't mount the racks and fenders but should have some frame clearance to fit a bigger wider tire?
I did ask a seller on the chat but they said it only fit 4" so does anyone tried to fit any other bigger tire than 4" on the ultra 1000?
oh and how do you like this bike on MTB trail?


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I can't speak to the Juggernaut specifically, but I have a very similar ultra 1000 bike from Rize (RX Pro), and for me the problem wouldn't be the frame but the chain. My chain barely clears the stock 4" tire, and in fact rubs lightly on the sidewall in low gear if my tire pressure is near or over 20psi for the road. Anything lower (PSI) or higher in gear is fine. So just something to consider in addition to frame clearance. I feel i could easily run a 4.4, maybe a 4.8 if i kept the pressure low, but I haven't tried.

The other option perhaps to consider is to run a 4" or 4.4" tire tubeless, or with an insert so you can run the lowest single digit pressures for the best possible footprint? Just talking out loud though...
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This may be a little late, I just found it. I have a late 2019 Ultra 1000, I put Maxxis Minions 4.8" on and they are as big as you can go. On the stock rims they actually measure 4.375" and in low gear they clear the chain by 1/8". Also clears frame by 1/8" on both sides. I ride them on the road at about 20 psi and they are pretty noisy although I kinda like it because people know I'm coming up behind them. I mostly ride of road and run 6-6.5 psi in back and about 10 psi in front. If you go any lower in front it starts steer funny. These are great tires, I'm very happy with them.