will this controller fit my bike/scooter


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hi so i recenlty bought this controller https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400...68#1000022185#1000066059#0_668#3468#15618#935

I wanted to buy this controller as my old cheap controller, would make loud vibration during acceleration, because of bad hall connections.

I got 3 question:
1Will this controller find the right hall combination by itself???? it says" Do not need to match the motor phase, can be intelligent self-learning recognition."

2It says it can drive sine motor, square motor, no hall motor, will it automaticly find the motor i have ? i would prefer to use sine wave

3 It says suitable for 2-wheeled electric vehicles with a maximum power of less than 1,000W. Wil this controller even work for my 1 motor scooter ??

Any answers are appreciated