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So this is a silly issue, but I have to ask.

I've put about 25 miles on my new Stromer, and I love it. However, I find myself riding along at around 18-20 mph. I found that the wind noise is quite loud the entire time I'm riding. However, if I turn my head sideways to look at something, it's nice and quiet and very peaceful.

Is there any trick I'm missing to get rid of the wind noise in my ears? My commute will be about an hour each way, and I'd rather not listen to the wind that long. However, I need to pay attention to the traffic on the road, so I'd rather not use ear plugs.

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Out west we call em cat ears, I made a pair from a very fuzzy article of clothing left by a GF. I also call them 'Neil Young the early years',.. surprised the GF did not notice them or ask about her fuzzy vest. I estimate 80 Db down to 20 Db with them on, Oh and lots of laughs. -S

Reddy Kilowatt

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Hi Kris:
I put a pair of Wind-Blox on my helmet straps and they help cut down the noise appreciably. I have a little Bluetooth speaker (Outdoor Tech Buckshot) on the handlebars of my Optibike. I can easily hear my music from my old iPhone and still hear cars when they approach me from behind. I'd be too scared to ride with headphones of any sort.

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I come from the motorcycling world (stupid at my age). One of the first things every motorcyclist should do is getting a solid pair of earplugs. I had mine custom molded and they are comfortable. When I am on a long (for me) ride, I pop them in. They have about 25b of sound deadening at the frequencies for wind noise. They still allow me to converse and hear traffic though. I would recommend for anyone who takes "sustained" rides. The long term affect of persistent (over 20 minutes) of wind noise, will over time, erode hearing.

While we are on the subject, as a motorcyclist I subscribe to the ATGATT philosophy. "All the Gear All the Time." While bicycle gear is not nearly as protective as motorcycle gear, I always wear gloves, eye protection, and a helmut snuggly fit.