Wind speeds and your ride.


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Try these:

I've been using them for a couple of years now and they really work to suppress wind noise.
I took my first ride today with the “Classic” version and though the wind levels were low there was a reduction in hiss that affects my hearing aids. I’ll know in a hundred miles and a few fast hills…


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Wind can be unpleasant in so many ways.

The same high-steel workers built all the famous US suspension bridges back in the 1920s and 1930s — George Washington, Brooklyn, Verazzano Narrows, Golden Gate, etc. They worked on these bridges year-round, including through many a cold, snowy northern winter.

Yet, when the surviving workers were interviewed for the book Spanning the Gate, all of them said that the coldest bridge they'd worked on by far was the Golden Gate. Why? The constant 20-knot wind blowing moist 50°F air off the Pacific.

I can relate: Had plenty of days like that on the ground in my time in SF, and we get winter days like that here in San Diego County. Just can't imagine that kind of wind all day, every day for months on end.
Growing up in SF, I was in wind and blinding fog most of my younger years. Used to be a hair raising experience taking my old VW van or bug over the GG bridge when it was blowing hard. The bridge deck rocks back and forth. Scary. Riding bikes through cold ocean wind and fog sucked. Yet, peop!e pay a fortune to now live there. lol amazing.


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Petaluma, CA
I purchased a cargo bike south of the Golden Gate park in San Francisco. There was a festival goin on so I had to head to the coast at sea cliff. The hills to the VA hospital and GG were staggering. Then I had 40+ mile headwinds across the Golden Gate. Sausalito climbs. Mill Valley climbs. And I made it to Larkspur with less than three minutes to catch the train. That bike now electric is super cool.


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