Winter Setup?!!


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Hey fan's! I'm inquiring of those who ride all year long; what's your winter set up?
Bike cover?
Bike maintenance?
Any thing else I missed?

I'm completely new to all this, but I pretty much plan to ride threw Colorado's snow season. So I'd like to be prepared once I get my e-bike, and would greatly appreciate any info/advise!


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Haven't seen a Winter on the Zurich 350 yet. The goal is the same as with my other bikes: Ride when roads are dry and clear, and when the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. I will slow down a bit for sure -if only for the windchill. Then again, maybe I'll give the e-bike a rest and use something else for the commute.


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Winter is my favorite time to ride but it's also really tricky to stay warm without being completely uncomfortable. Keeping your core warm is pretty easy with lots of thin layers but I struggled for awhile to keep my fingers and toes warm.

Best winter gear I own is PI Thermal bib tights, Minus33 Merino Wool base layer, merino wool balaclava, LAKE MXZ303 cycling boots, wind breaker jacket w/pit zips, wool socks (DeFeet are awesome!), and a really good set of gloves. I have tried several different kinds of gloves and the only ones that work are the lobster claw versions or a full mitten. I also use Bar Mitts when it gets below 10F.

If I was only going to buy two items, I would buy the thermal tights and a merino wool base layer. Merino wool is like freakin magic in the winter. It's super thin, super warm, wicks away sweat, doesn't stink, and is crazy durable. I was shocked at how cold I could ride in with only a merino base layer and a wind breaker.

I'd also suggest getting a pair of those cheap wrap around safety glasses at Wal-Mart for 3 bucks. Keeps your eyeballs from freezing at 20+mph.

Dont end up like this: