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Just like e-bikes, many brands out there. What is anyone using ? Will the wireless systems work ok ? I assume I just need odo and speedo ?
Thoughts/comments/suggestions ?
Thanks !


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I use something that costs about $10, like this one.

Also available for about $5 from China via ebay if you can wait six weeks or more. If your e-bike has an LCD display, they're not needed.

They do have a limited transmit distance. I've had to move the sensor as high as possible on the wheel to get the display to read reliably. . On my folder with a 20" wheel, it just seems to be enough with the sensor mounted on the spoke nipple.


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I had nightmare helping a buddy with the cheap versions. He finally parted with some of his First Communion money and got a decent recognized brand and no range problems.

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Last year I bought two of these Sigma BC 5.12 computers on EBay for about $18 each. It is easy to install and easy to read while riding. It shows just about everything you would want to see, and can be removed from the handlebars with just a twist. There is no backlight, so if that is something you need, check out the BC 16.12.
This is the 5.12 model. Sigma has a very good website.
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Sigma branded is good. I used them on my dirtboat and they stood up the a real beating on the dry lake.


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we have ebike display without wires, you can search BTN-EBIKE from apple store and try it.

you can see the photos there
Please better search parameters? I searched and don't find in Apple Store. Searching "wireless" and "bluetooth" on your web pages gets nothing, just "No related content".


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Thanks found it. Would you link the device it mates with in the last forum the place for Dealer sales and offers?
That's a good place and I think many of us do look there and subscribe to posts!