work around for sondors?


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hey brand new here, hope to fit right in! sadly my first post is going in the repair section boo-urns.

so i got my sondors fat bike two days, put it together, and when i went to hook up the lcd screen, the cap on the female port coming out of the control box was stuck on, when i managed to get it off, it damaged some of the pins inside. subsequently i cannot attach the male port to it coming from the lcd screen. There seems to be a fail safe built in and now nothing works.

In the assembly video from sondors they say if i loose the cap or the connectors come apart the bike will not work....and since the cap is broke, and the port is broke,,,im left with a 100 pound peddle bike now.... a new control box is $150 ish CND ...i really dont feel i need to/want to spend tht much for a $3 connector ....

any advice ?


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the connector between my finger tips is the piece coming from the lcd, and is intact and fine, the other one is the one that was literally jammed and stuck on and got mangled while trying to take it is connected directly to the control box ...soo im a noob and dunot even know if its replaceable :/...would a local e-bike shop have the know how to fix this?


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I see those 5 pin communication cables all over Alibaba and other websites.

Middle one is yours, I believe. That site has a minimum order of 1000!

Any good ebike shop should be able to repair that. They may just replace both ends with something readily available to them. I think if I were stuck, that's what I'd try. If you DIY, checkout these sites:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)


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There's battery voltage (36 volts) on one of the pins in that green connector, so hopefully you didn't plug the LCD into it with the pins misaligned, and fry either the controller or LCD. Did the the cable cap have pins on it? You usually have to jumper four pins to make it work w/o the LCD.

You might check with Lunacycle Customer Support to see your LCD is compatible with their $49 20A controller for the Sondors.
If it was, you could just swap that into your bike. You can always buy both the LCD and controller for $100, and sell the LCD on ebay.

If you know how to solder, you could bypass the connector entirely. Then you would know if the electronics still work. Later, you could replace the connector with any 5 pin connector. Like cut an old PS2 keyboard extension cable in half and use that. I guess that's what a good ebike shop might do. They probably don't have spare Sondors controllers sitting around.


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hey thanks, i figured eff it lol and just bought the lunacycle "hotrod" control box and lcd screen combo you linked to, it's a bolt on upgrade, for just a little more to fix my current issue....$80 for a shop to look at it, and w.e parts were needed..... so ill just bolt that on, and try to re-coup some of the cost by selling the sondors lcd screen,,, thanks for the info and help....not the cheapest solution but it works ,,and hey its an upgrade lol


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Those are Higo connectors and except for Aliexpress are a PAIN to find. Count the pins and a BBSo2 or BBSHD cable may be the answer. If it a 5 pin you're golden.
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